This is George. George is an idiot. We need you to look after him. He really needs a friend!

You know George. He's the guy who got into his truck last Friday night, and wandered from ditch to ditch all the way home. He was driving drunk.

George is your friend at the dance, who drove away with his girlfriend beside him in his truck. He'd been drinking.
They didn't die that time. They were lucky.

George really needs your help. He's an idiot.

This is 'Look After An Idiot' month. We need you to help look after all the idiots like George. Your friends who get behind the wheel after they've been drinking.

You know who they are ... you've seen them do it. And you didn't try to stop them, did you?

We want you to keep them alive this month. Just this month. After that, they're on their own.

When your friend like George tries to get behind the wheel after drinking, take his keys. Find him a sober driver to take him home. Be a designated driver so you can drive him home. Anything at all ... just to keep your friend alive.
He really needs you to do this for him, because he's an idiot.
And this is 'Look After An Idiot' month, after all. Idiots need our help.

Since you arrived at this page, this many high school students have been seriously injured or killed in an alcohol-related accident.

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