Most of these stories were written by me about a decade ago (except for two amazing short stories written by my daughter Emily). All are in .pdf format, which means they can be opened on any computer, as well as printed. Brief descriptions are included here. Just use the back arrow to return to this page from each story.

Many of the stories in the left column are about teaching and student teaching, and quite a few are Christian themed. I tried to write about what I knew best. I wish I'd been as good a teacher as some of the ones I wrote about here! Many of the humourous stories on the right feature real people, some from my time at Worsley School. Some exaggeration may or may not be evident. You can decide.



Stories by Emily (Willis) Muz

Emily was writing interesting stories, fully fleshed out with dialogue and structure, when she was in grade six! These two stories, written as an adult, reveal a depth of raw emotion that I can only hope to someday achieve in my own writing.

Your comments and suggestions welcomed. I take criticism well.

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