Practices of Successful Students
Math 10/20/30

    Students who do very well in these courses always:

  • Keep a neat notebook, with notes organized by topic
  • Attempt all the homework, every day
  • Copy notes and try (not copy) the missed homework after they return from an absence
  • Correct the homework completely. Difficulties are starred, and asked about
  • Do some questions from every 'group' the in textbook homework assignment, before class is over, so they've tried all the types while the teacher is present to help
  • Come in after school for help with difficulties whenever necessary
  • Teach others
  • Complete the Unit Review assignment given out at the start of the unit a few days before it is due, so they can ask for help
  • Attend regularly. (If you miss 4 days a month, you'll be absent for 20% of the course, and your chances of doing well are slim)
  • Do the entire exam review assignment early enough to leave lots of time for help
  • Attend every after-school exam review session

    The main reasons why students do poorly in Math 10/20/30:

  • difficulties not dealt with
  • homework not done (often)
  • absent a lot
  • exam review done poorly, and little help sought