This page contains links to the many student resources that I created, both while I was actively teaching, and since I've retired. My goal is to make safe, age-appropriateand ad-free materials to help students understand topics from the Alberta curriculum. There are more than two thousand pages on over 700 topics from every subject, for grades 5 through 12. They cover most of the Math curriculum, most of Physics, and many topics in the other sciences, as well as Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, and several others. All sections have been updated and expanded.

   A lot of research went into the making of these resources, and their beginnings were probably part of the reason our school's website was selected by the Canadian government as the best school website in Canada in 1998.  [OK, I'm not above a little self-promotion ... but I freely acknowledge that whatever talents I possess I owe entirely to God's grace. You can find out more about me here].

General Help and Information
How to spell better!
Best Practices of Successful Students
Students who do well in academic math.
Defensive Driving
Save your life!
Survival Skills for Real Life
What do you really need to learn?


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough".
Albert Einstein                                 

"Curiosity is a sign of intelligence"

Remember to check these pages often; more resources in all subject areas will be added weekly. You may have to refresh/reload the pages to see updates in your browser.

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