Sample art lessons. More are added regularly.

Pencil Drawing
A foundational skill

Watercolour Painting
Easy amazing art

Some simple examples.

Body Proportions
Draw with realism.

Piet Mondrian's Art
Make your own

Build an Aquarium
Then draw & colour it

Plasticine Fun
Inexpensive sculpting

Butterfly Masters
Download and colour

Mouse Cartoon
Step by step.

Gargoyle Sculpting
PlayDoh examples.


Vincent van Gogh
Paint Like a Master

Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Goopy fun!

Sock Bunnies
You need one!

Space Art
Paint with acrylics

Trees make great cards

Sidewalk Chalk Art
Have fun outside

Illuminate a passage

Easier than it looks

Words With Meaning
You pick the place

Shading With Lines
Samples, pics to shade

Paint Like Picasso
Lots of examples

Pop Art
Anyone can make it

Silhouette Art
Fun and easy

Crystal Growing
An amazing 2-day project

Tie Dye Art
Beautiful examples

Flowerpot Gnomes
We all love gnomes

Squeegee Art
Simple to do

Pressing flowers
The easy way

Overlapping Circles
Watercolour art

Walnut Crafts
for any season

Stencils on Wood
Create an African sky

Paper Lanterns
Make beautiful lanterns

Thinking of taking up painting? Explore the differences between oil and acrylic paints.

More to come!
Meanwhile, visit our main Art page.

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