The Mona Lisa
Examine the world's most famous painting up close.
Leonardo da Vinci
An artist, scientist and engineer!
The great Dutch master
Vincent van Gogh
Possibly the most famous artist ever!
This famous artist was a master of light and shadow.
His paintings of women are instantly recognizable.
The Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo
Possibly the greatest work of art
The great Florentine artist
The amaing Italian Rennaissance artist
You'll recognize the art.
His Tahiti paintings are the most recognizable ones
The founder of Cubism and other styles; see lots of examples
M C Escher
See his amazing work
The Art of Robert Bateman
Amazingly realistic art, and he's Canadian!
The Art of Norman Rockwell
My favourite artist!

  About Art

Oil or Acrylic
Decide the medium you want to use
Abstract Art
Love it or hate it ...
Caterpillar Art
Mayan Art
Sophisticated art for so long ago

Copying Works of Art or Photographs
(For teachers) How to use the grid method to copy a poster, and learn about contrast.
Texture Sketches
Ideas for students and teachers
A simple explanation
Body Proportions
Make your human figures more realistic
Mixing Light to Get White
A simple demo using glow tubes
Animation Art
GIF and stop-motion explanations and lots of examples made by students
Find out about this ancient art and try some yourself!

The Renaissance
Where it all began

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