The Bible
What's in it?

The Four Gospels
What they tell us

The Christmas Story
Luke 2:1-20

The Three Wise Men
The gifts they brought, and who they were

The Life of Paul
This amazing apostle's writings make up most of the New Testament

Your Favourite Bible Verses

, and see what others have chosen.

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Links to Good Stuff

The Chosen
A very moving video drama series about Jesus' ministry. Highly recommended. Get the app!

The Bible Project
Explore the Bible in detail with all kinds of resources, including amazing videos.

The Bible Series
Originally a 10 part TV miniseries, it's also available on DVD from Amazon, and it's streamed online at this link. A remarkable production.
Fred is a Christian who is passionate about helping people to be saved, and has produced a whole series of videos, including his own testimony.

Awe and Wonder
Visit this amazing Christian blog by Maggie Waits. I've known Maggie since she was in grade 6, and she is a wonderful and heartfelt writer who is devoted to serving Christ.

The Well Ministries
Andrew and Racheal Glover have planted a really unique ministry called 'The Well' in Blind River, Ontario. The Well is a mission dedicated to uplifting the community through faith and support. The Well also houses a drop-in youth center, a welcoming coffee shop, community events, and discipleship programs for all ages. For more information, you can also visit on Facebook.

  Thoughts About Christianity
A collection of things I've written

Conversation Starters
Talking to non-Christians about God

"Have You Been Saved?"
This question brought back memories

Comfortable Christianity
Is this an oxymoron?

Your Favourite Bible Stories

, and see what others have chosen.

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Your Favourite Christian Music

, and see what others have chosen.

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The King James Bible OnLine
Read the Bible, search for a favourite verse, and more. Use any device, including a phone. Never be without a Bible!

Books of the Bible at a Glance
One fact sheet for each of the 66 books of the Bible, full of background information necessary to frame how a particular book's lesson fits into God's story. They are the ultimate companion to any Bible lesson, Sunday School class or Bible Study. Check them out at the link above; only $9.00 a set. Highly recommended.

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