Significant Digits
Explanation, examples, and a quiz
Changes of State
Explaining solids, liquids and gasses using the particle theory
Microwave Boilovers
Why a heated cup of water 'explodes' when you add instant coffee
Why are Snowflakes 6-Sided?
A very simple explanation
Heat Capacity of Water
An experiment you can do
Why Does Salty Water Freeze Below 0°C
and how to make ice cream
Boiling Water Noise
Why does the pot shake and make noise, and then stop?
Measuring the strength of acids and bases
How charcoal filters work
Pringles Experiment
What won't I do in the neme of science??
How do diapers hold so much moisture? We investigate!
Sugars and Fats
Examining their molecular structures
All about water
Distilled Water
Is drinking it bad for you?
The good and bad!
Carbon Dioxide
The compound
A simple carbon compound
Sulphur Dioxide
The cause of acid rain
It's history, what's in it, and how it's made
Polymers and Elastomers
Long and sometimes stretchy molecules
Silly Putty
A polymer you can play with
A naturally ocurring polymer. Make a rubber molecule!
We made goop. You can too!
Thixotropic Materials
Are they solids or liquids?
Compounds made from carbon and hydrogen
Hard and beautiful

**Dangerous Chemical Alert**
You may be affected

  Classifying Substances
Mixture, solution, compound or element? From Science 9. Includes an online periodic table, and a quiz
Periodic Table
To view, print or download
Covalent & Ionic Bonds
Sci 10, Chem 20
Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
Explanations and examples
Paper Chromatography
Indentifying colours in black ink
Photochemical Reactions
Experiment with early B&W photography
What is it?
Glow Sticks
How they work
Oxidizing Aluminum
A surprisingly useful reaction

How they work
Water Freezing
Which freezes faster, cold water or hot?
Calculating the Thickness of a Molecule
A simple experiment you can do
Aerogel Crystals
These incredibly light crystals are like solid smoke, and very good insulators. I bought some!
Popping Candy Crystals
Why do they pop?
Cooking and Chemistry
Making your boiled peas look fresher
Culinary Secrets
Cooking and science
Electrolysis of Water
A simple demo you can do in 10 minutes!

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