Topographic Maps
How to read them; make your own
Finding Your Latitude and Longitude
How explorers knew where they were
The Astrolabe
Navigating the oceans


The Crusades
Not a pleasant time in history
Everything you wanted to know, and more!
Gutenberg's Printing Press
A revolutionary invention
The Renaissance
An amazing time in history
How the Egyptians did it
Famous Historical Figures
How many can you identify?
The 'Mad Monk' and the fall of the Tzar in Russia
What we know about them
How Canada Got Its Flag
The rest of the story
Canada's National Energy Policy
Dividing east and west
Donald Frederick Wilson
How I found my connection to WW2 and Remembrance Day

Canadian Geography

Map of Canada
Can you locate the provinces and territories? Try our interactive map
The Canadian Shield
All the facts, lots of pictures. Where I grew up.
Niagara Falls
See some huge images of the falls
Estevan, Saskatchewan
Coal mining and extreme machines
  World Geography

Map of the World
Can you identify the continents? Try our interactive map.
Magellan Circumnavigates the Globe
The famous voyage
Not the noble explorer you pictured

Lots of information, including communications we had with scientists who worked there
Jesse's European Adventure
Learn about famous places in France, England, Italy and Germany.
Angel Falls
The world's tallest
Incredible Sights
Amazing large photos of big things and amazing places from around the world
Kenmare, North Dakota
Discover the unique tradition maintained by each graduating class


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