Significant Digits
Explanation, examples, and a quiz
Frames of Reference
Understand this key concept
One Light Year
How far is it?
Conic Sections
An introduction to orbital mechanics
Lots of info and examples
The Doppler Effect
Ambulances and galaxies!
Calculating distances to stars
The Astrolabe
Using the sky to navigate
Using the height of the north star

The Solar System

Which Way is Down?
It's not always obvious
Where Do the Stars Go in the Daytime?
... find out!
The Seasons
What causes the seasons?
What causes them?
Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts
What are they?
The Sun
All about the closest star
The Parker Solar Probe
Investigating the sun up close
Informtion and photos from the Mariner and Messenger missions
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Producing spactacular images of the moon's surface
Lots of information
The Odyssey Spacecraft at Mars
What it showed us about Mars in 2001. Still amazing!
Curiosity on Mars
Some of the latest rover's Mars pictures
The Largest Volcano in the Solar System
It's on Mars
A spacecraft orbited and landed on this asteroid!
See what the Cassini and Juno spacecraft have shown us
Jupiter's second largest moon may have lots of water under its surface
Jupiter's moon Io is the fourth largest moon in the solar system
Cassini reached Saturn four years after passing Jupiter. See the amazing photographs
Photos and information about Saturn's largest moon, from a probe dropped to the surface by Cassina

An Asteroid with a Moon
Who knew?
Information and photos from Voyager 2, the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus
Information and photos from Voyager 2, the only spacecraft to have visited Neptune
See what the New Horizons spacecraft found
Having explored Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the Voyager 1 & 2 spececraft are now in interstellar space.
Scale Model of the Solar System
Build your own
Calculating the Size of the Sun
A simple calculation you can do
Leading the Way

An amazingly talented astronomer who lived a century and a half before Christ!
Tycho Brahe
His accurate observations laid the foundation for modern astronomy
His ideas about the planets inspired others.
Discovering how planets move.
Rene Descartes
A magnificent thinker
The father of modern science.
Isaac Newton
Revolutionizing science; Universal Gravitation & 3 Laws explained
Albert Einstein
A short biography
George Gamow
The preeminent cosmologist, and a popular science writer
Carl Sagan
The most amazing scientist and author!
Stephen Hawking
A short biography
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist and populizer of science

Our Universe

We Are Not Alone
The search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe
How Far Can We See?
... looking at the sky ...
It's the north star. Is there a 'south star'?
The Hubble Space Telescope
It provided revolutionary images!
The James Webb Space Telescope
Seeing farther and earlier than ever before
Birth of the Universe
See the remnants of the 'Big Bang'
Limb Darkening
Why the sun's outer rim, in photos or a telescope, looks dark
The Birth of Atoms
Where does matter come from?
Make a Spectroscope
Find out how we use them to determine the composition of stars
The Nearest Star to Our Solar System
The Alpha Centauri system
Binary Stars
Half of all star systems are binaries
The brightest star in the night sky
Detecting Planets Around Other Stars
We've found thousands!
The Andromeda Galaxy
Our neighbouring galaxy
A Star is Born
Stellar formation
An Exploded Star
The way our sun will end
Exploding stars
Kilonovas and Novas
More exploding stars
White Dwarf Stars
The way our sun will end
Neutron Stars
Explosion remnants
Black Holes
How they form
A red supergiant star
When Galaxies Collide
... what happens?
More Colliding Galaxies
Learn some more
Gravitational Lenses
Seeing around corners
Heat Death of the Universe
When it all ends


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