Significant Digits
Explanation, examples, and a quiz
Simple Machines
Levers, pulleys, wedges, screws, wheels, and inclined planes
Extreme Machines
From bulldozers to aircraft carriers, see the biggest and the best


The Slide Rule
Learn about this amazing device that helped get us to the moon
The Hubble Space Telescope
It provided revolutionary images!
The James Webb Space Telescope
Seeing farther and earlier than ever before
Werhner von Braun
The father of the Saturn V moon rocket
The Apollo/Saturn Spacecraft
Successfully reaching the moon

Inventor and mathematician
Leonardo da Vinci
An artist, he was also a scientist centuries ahead of his time.
Mark Rober
You've seen his videos. The man is a genius!
The Tacoma Bridge Disaster
What happened?
Types of bridges, lots of examples. Make your own with toothpicks or virtually
Make a Mini Copter
Prize winning design you can make
Gutenberg's Printing Press
A revolutionary invention
The Eiffel Tower
The most recognizable structure in the world?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
How engineers stopped it from falling over
The CN Tower
This Toronto structure is still amazing fifty years after it was built
Wastewater Treatment
Using science
Feeding our oil dependance
The Zamboni
Keeping hockey rinks clean for decades!
The most successful toy ever!
How they're made
Making a Simple Hovercraft
A ten minute project
Making a Simple Solar Cooker
Cook with the sun

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