Musical Media Over the Years
From 45 rpm vinyl records to streaming digital songs, I look at and explain all the formats of music I've owned over the years.
The Theremin
Electrictronic music that's a staple of every horror movie. You can even play an on-line theremin and make your own music!
Learn about this ancient instrument, and hear some samples
The Accordion
It's cool again!
Pan Pipes
The most hauntingly beautiful music.
The Violin
Basic information about violins
The Harp
The largest stringed instrument
The Washboard
You too can be a musician!
Learn to Play Guitar
A free pdf document to read, download and print.

The greatest composer in history, who eventually went deaf.
A musical genius.
Unappreciated in his time.
The most well know Russian composer.

Buddy Holly
The Night the Music Died.
Arlo Guthrie
A folk music legend.


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