Powerful Words
Read some of the most famous speeches ever!
Really Bad Writing
Lots of funny examples. Thankfully, none of them are mine ...
Shakespeare's Influence
Many well known aphorisms and phrases in the English language come from his writing
Aesop's Fables
The complete set to read or download
Haiku Poetry
How to make one, with lots of examples
Shape Poems
Art and poetry come together
Poems of Robert Frost
A short biography, and examples of his poems
Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A short biography, and examples of his poems
Favourite Poems Sent in by Visitors
Visitors to our old site sent these in
The Travelling Story
I invited visitors to our site to collaborate on a story. The response was incredible!
Explanation, and lots of examples
Stretching the truth for a good cause
What they are, with lots of examples
What it is, and how it's used. Many examples
Who is speaking in a piece of writing. Explanations and examples
of first, second and third person writing
Denotation vs Connotation
Know the difference?

Science Fiction

Good Science Fiction
What is it? Not what you think.
Isaac Asimov
A prolific science and science fiction writer
Arthur C. Clarke
A favourite science fiction author
Larry Niven
Amazing creator of worlds

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, and more
Lots of examples
'Your face is like a ray of sunshine". OK, maybe not. Find out how similes work.
The sounds words make, with entries from all around the world
I want to point out that basically it's a circumlocution

Tongue Twisters
Lots of examples, and entries from around the world
The highest form of humour
Origins of Common Idioms
Boy howdy, this page may get me in trouble!
Unusual Words
Strange spellings, unusual origins, and more
Strange Spellings
More quirks of the English language
30 Second Shakespeare
Famous Shakespeare plays summarized in as few words as possible. You'll thank us.

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