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Leonhard Euler
A mathematical legend
Srinivasa Ramanujan
The most incredible mathematician you've never heard of!
Born in 287 BC, he was a mathematician and inventor
The father of geometry
Rene Descartes
A magnificent thinker who contributed greatly to mathematics



Why calculators are necessary in the classroom.
Free Worksheets
Adding and subtracting
Integer Unit Quizzes & Test
For Math 7/8/9 teachers
Graph Reading Practice
Quiz with answers
Print Your Own Graph Paper
Free download, and free site
Loose Change
A free program to help kids master Canadian money and making change
Mathematical Symbols
How many do you recognize? All grades
3D Geometric Shapes
All grades
Math Words
Math terms that describe what you're suposed to do when answering a question
Analogies in Math Class
Why teachers make problems about watermelons!
Times Tables Quiz
An animation you can save and use to practice
Times Tables Jigsaw
Just download, unzip and play!
Using a Ti83/Ti84 Calculator
Learn in Math 9, needed for Math 10C
Graphing on a Ti83/Ti84 Calculator
Learn in Math10C, needed for Math 20/30

Math Grades 5 - 9

Number operations, factors, divisibility rules, sets of numbers, integers, fraction operations, percents, introduction to algebra, area, volume, scientific notation, geometry, symmetry, probability and statistics.

Math Grades 10 - 12

Measurement, polynomial algebra, graphing, functions (linear, quadratic, cubic, absolute, composite), quadratic equations, circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyberbolas, sequences & series, logarithms, trigonometry, probability, calculus, and applied math.

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