Whole numbers and decimals
Significant Digits
Explanation, examples, and a quiz
Frames of Reference
Understand this key concept
The Inverse Square Law
Math 20/30
Precision and Accuracy
There is a difference
Average Speed vs Average Velocity
How to calculate each
Velocity and Displacement
How to calculate each using graphs and equations.
Includes a self-marking quiz
Kelvin Temperature Scale
What is it?
Adding Vectors
Several methods are shown
Carbon 14 Dating
Measuring the age of human artifacts

All About Physics

What is it? How do you calculate it?
Why things float (Science 8)
What is it? How many types are there?
The fourth state of matter
Ice and Cooling
Size matters!
What is it? How does it travel?
More About Sound
Measuring its loudness
Seeing Sound
A simple method you can do
What Makes an Echo
What Makes an Echo
Vibrations in Solids
One type of energy in molecules
Elastic Collisions
Where the energy goes
Reflection Law
When things bounce at an angle
Making light change direction
Showing Refraction Using Jello
and a laser pointer
Convex Lenses
How they work
Fresnel Lenses
Lighter and cheaper
Polarized Light
Why polarized sunglasses cut glare
Why Wet Clothing Looks Darker
It's all physics!
Black Light
Why does your T-shirt glow?
Why is the Sky Blue?
We answer the age-old question
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Radio waves to gamma radiation, and everything in between
Mixing Light to Get White
A simple demo using glow tubes
Measuring the Speed of Light
Old methods were quite accurate
The Doppler Effect
Ambulances and galaxies!
Using a Microwave to Measure the Speed of Light
E = mc2
Einstein's famous equation explained.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Some amazing results.
The Photoelectric Effect
Einstein's explanation won him his only Nobel Prize
The Rutherford Atom
Discovering what's inside an atom
Quantum Physics
The new frontier
What is it? What are the types?
They're passing through you right now!
Nuclear and Atomic Bombs
How they work
Nuclear Fusion
How it works
How they work
Some simple force problems from Physics 20, some involving friction
The weakest force
Which Way is Down?
It's not always obvious
Do some experimenting to find out how they work
Conservation of Momentum Demonstration
and a cool program you can download
Explanations, examples. Make a magnet. How an MRI machine works
Electric Circuits
An introduction to series and parallel circuits
Electric Circuit Game
Make your own 'steady hand' game
How they work, with equations
The shocking truth!
Static Electricity
Why do balloons stick to walls?
Not what you think
Brownian Motion
Random movement of molecules explained by Einstein
What causes them

  Applied Physics

Fibre Optics
How it works, and a simple demo you can make
The Mass Spectrograph
Identifying what's in a substance
Reaction Time and Driving
Find out why night driving is dangerous. Test your reaction time!
Driving with One Headlight
Why it's dangerous
Can a Fan Cool a Room?
Vehicle Tires and Friction
Where does traction come from?
Ice Skate Blades
Why are they grooved?
Using a Radar Gun
For teachers: generate speed data for use in Math, Science, PhysEd or Physics classes
Throwing a Javelin Well
It's all about adding vectors!
Measuring a Basketball's 'Bounciness'
The co-efficient of restitution
How to Hit Home Runs
Understanding a baseball's energy
The Physics of Basketball
Be amazed!
Why Bowling Pins are Fat on the Bottom
It's the centre of gravity
Simple Machines
Levers, pulleys, wedges, screws, wheels, and inclined planes
Coffeecup Motor
A simple motor you can make
Pop Can Motor
Another simple motor you can make
Paper Clip Motor
One more simple motor you can make
A short history; arrow and bow types
Scanning Electron Microscope
Seeing with electons instead of light. With pictures
Wood Stove Fans
No plug or batteries ... how do they work?
Finding an Earthquake's Epicentre
Simple calculation
Amusement Park Physics
We visited Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. Physics everywhere!
Roller Coasters
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Street Fair Physics
More physics!
House of Cards
The forces within buildings
Air Pressure
A simple demonstration of how suction cups work
How they go up and down
Solar Energy
A simple demonstration to show that heat energy can be absorbed
Bullet Trajectories
What factors affect how far a bullet will travel?
Orbital Velocity
A simple experiment you can do to show why the inner planets move faster than the outer ones.
Hula Hoops
Why do they stay up?
Free energy from hot air
Time Travel
Is it possible?
How Many Ways Can You Find the Height of a Building?
We found fifteen!

Famous Physicists

Stephen Hawking
A short biography
Albert Einstein
A short biography
Marie Curie
She won two Nobel prizes for studying radiation, not knowing it would eventually kill her
Isaac Newton
A short biography; universal gravitation & 3 Laws explained

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